Watch Repair

We service every kind of watch. From Timex to Rolex we’ve got you covered.


Quartz movements are a fickle thing. Most last years on their first battery and then need a new one every year or so. Our staff is trained how to properly open, replace the battery and close watches. It may not seem like a difficult task… until you’ve realized not every watch is made the same and not everyone working on a watch has been adequately trained.​

Most watch batteries are approximately $10 to replace. No hassle for you, a thorough inspection by us and our personal backing to all the work we have done.

Don’t risk it at the mall kiosks. Visit us and rest assured it will get done promptly and properly.


Cracked or damaged crystals can often be more of an issue than they appear. Tiny fragments, moisture and dust can get into the movement or dial and cause major issues. Stop in and see us. Often a replacement is more affordable than you may think!

Automatic / Winding Movements

(including antique watches)

Our team can do a preemptive cleaning or diagnose an issue in a speedy manner. Movements are called “complications” for a reason. Each micro part relies on a very delegate balance and reliability of other parts. Much like an antique engine, they must all work together harmoniously.

We’re here to help with that.

Watch Band Replacements & Adjustments

We carry a large selection of metal, silicone and leather watch bands and will quickly adjust or replace your old or worn strap. We often do special orders for watch bands that require a specially designed band.

Watch Repair Services


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